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Claudia's heart is in research, and that soon becomes clear. “Research is fun because you can be uninhibitedly curious, ask questions, and discover things. And what's more, it helps organizations and governments to achieve their goals better. Hence, they achieve more with the same energy and resources.”

Claudia's approach is very personal; after all, every research project requires customization. Together with her client, she formulates goals, which she then realizes. She is completely transparent and likes to share her knowledge and experience with others.

Claudia works with a team of researchers and specialists to carry out the studies together and share her knowledge about executing research. A team of professionals with a passion for their profession. 

Claudia de graauw

Meet the team

Claudia de Graauw

Claudia de Graauw

Experienced researcher/owner
Claudia de Graauw gained experience at several research firms and worked at in-house research teams. In 2010 she founded her own research agency. With this agency, she focuses on measuring effects. She helps organizations formulate their goals and provides insight into whether the policies and projects they implement contribute to achieving these goals. In addition to measuring effects, she teaches research to professionals and students for several years. Lately, this is increasingly combined in the academy for research in digital lessons and e-books.
Saskia von der Fuhr

Saskia von der Fuhr

Experienced researcher
Saskia is a very experienced researcher in all kinds of sectors. As a researcher, she is committed to contributing her support to help clients with their questions, problems, and tasks. Her strengths are analytical, flexible, decisive, empathic, loyal, calm, and hardworking. In short, a driven, enthusiastic professional who can translate research data (qualitative or quantitative) into meaningful conclusions and recommendations. Saskia has good communication skills and is used to running several projects side by side while still meeting all deadlines. 'A deal is a deal.' A satisfied client is the ultimate goal.
Wendy Risseeuw

Wendy Risseeuw

Support and data visualizer
Wendy supports Claudia and her researchers practically in various surveys. This includes, for example, organizing group discussions, creating dashboards for reports, and programming questionnaires. Wendy also helps with quantitative analyses in Excel, and she creates data visualizations and dashboards. Wendy is flexible, likes to work together on solutions, and is always eager to learn.
Bo Broers

Bo Broers MSc.

Independent researcher
Bo is an experienced  in the public sector. In her work, the sociological perspective is often central: it's about experiences, attitudes, participation, and behaviors, opinions, and motivations of individuals and groups of people in various contexts. She has experience in coordinating and designing research, such as policy evaluations, monitoring, and impact assessments, collecting and analyzing data, writing findings, and providing policy advice. She is familiar with both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.
Liesbeth van Weert

Ir. Liesbeth van Weert

Experienced Researcher
Since the 1990s, Liesbeth has been working as a researcher in various sectors, including the cultural and medical sectors. She has experience with both quantitative research methods and various forms of qualitative research, such as conducting in-depth interviews and facilitating group discussions. Due to her broad interests, she enjoys delving into new topics. Colleagues know Liesbeth as enthusiastic, pragmatic, flexible, analytical, and empathetic. She always strives to do her best in every new project, working together with her colleagues and clients towards a meaningful outcome.
Eefje Claassen

Eefje Claassen

Experienced researcher and writer
Eefje is a PhD researcher with over 10 years of experience as a researcher and writer for various clients (including educational institutions, libraries, municipalities). Her work is content-wise very diverse, but thorough research is always at its core. She translates scientific data and knowledge and complex information from policy reports into attractive, clear texts for a wide readership. In addition, she has extensive experience in collecting, analyzing, and reporting research data (quantitative and/or qualitative). Eefje is analytically strong, thorough, persevering, flexible, customer-oriented, communicatively skilled, and empathetic. Customer satisfaction and quality are her top priorities.
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Claudia's heart is in research. With her passion, she enjoys enthusing others about research. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience. Claudia works and lives in the Netherlands, where she has been helping students and beginning researchers with research for years. Through blogs, but also with e-books, e-courses, and coaching. The first blogs are now translated into English to help more students and beginning researchers.
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